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PAWAO invests into Buzzbike

Pawao Capital Continues to Pedal Towards Innovation! We’re delighted to share another exciting investment made by Pawao Capital in February 2024: Buzzbike!Buzzbike, founded in 2016, is on a mission to make cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With a commitment to removing the barriers to cycling, Buzzbike offers a flexible, all-inclusive monthly subscription that eliminates the commitment and upfront cost of bike ownership.Members of Buzzbike enjoy the convenience of having their own bike or e-bike, along with perks like theft replacement, on-demand repairs, and rewards for their cycling activity. Already making waves in London and Manchester, Buzzbike has helped over 15,000 individuals kickstart their cycling journey.At Pawao Capital, we’re proud to support Buzzbike as they accelerate the shift to sustainable travel and empower more people to embrace the joy of cycling. Join us in cheering on Buzzbike as they pedal towards a greener, healthier future!

PAWAO invests into Deltia

We’re thrilled to announce two new investments that promise to revolutionize their respective industries. First up, in December 2023, Pawao Capital invested in Deltia, a cutting-edge company focused on optimizing and automating manufacturing and assembly processes.Deltia’s innovative approach utilizes real-time capture and AI-driven material tracking to streamline operations and enhance efficiency like never before. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Deltia is poised to make a significant impact in the manufacturing sector, driving productivity and reducing costs. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to support groundbreaking ventures like Deltia!

PAWAO goes Bits & Pretzels

In September 2023, our Chairman Hans-Jörg Dohrmann and our MD Maren Frey represented PAWAO at the Bits & Pretzels event. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with promising startups and fellow investors, immersing ourselves in the vibrant German venture ecosystem.

One of the most inspiring moments was Michelle Obama’s speech, which left a profound impact on all attendees. Her insights on leadership and resilience were both motivating and thought-provoking.

The third day added a unique twist as we celebrated Oktoberfest, enjoying the event in a more personal and relaxed setting. This festive atmosphere allowed for deeper connections and meaningful conversations over pretzels and beer.

While Bits & Pretzels was a remarkable experience, we found the more intimate atmosphere of events like the START Summit in St. Gallen to be more conducive to networking. Nevertheless, we look forward to leveraging our insights and network additions in our future endeavors.

PAWAO goes Business Angel Summit

In July 2023, our Managing Director, Maren, attended the Business Angel Summit in the beautiful town of Kitzbühel. This event provided an excellent platform to engage with the vibrant Austrian startup ecosystem.

Maren had the pleasure of listening to innovative startup pitches, each presenting unique solutions and fresh perspectives. It was a fantastic opportunity to discover new investment opportunities and future market leaders.

A highlight of the summit was reconnecting with Svenja Lassen, who has initiated the Female Investors Network (FIN). Their discussion reinforced the importance of diverse investor landscape in fostering innovation and growth within the startup community.

The most inspiring moment came from Dr. Mariana Bozesan’s keynote on impact investing. Her insights on accelerating innovation to address climate change challenges left a lasting impression on all attendees, emphasizing the crucial role of sustainable investments.

PAWAO Strategy Retreat 2023

The PAWAO team recently gathered for a three-day strategy retreat on the picturesque island of Mallorca. This retreat was a perfect blend of productive strategy sessions and enjoyable team activities, setting the stage for our company’s future direction.

Our days were filled with insightful discussions, where we delved deep into our strategic goals and initiatives for the upcoming year. The beautiful surroundings of Mallorca provided an inspiring backdrop for these important conversations. Besides work, we enjoyed the time spent with our colleagues.

One afternoon was spent soaking up the sun at a beach club by the sea, where we relaxed and recharged. The highlight of the retreat was undoubtedly the night we spent on a sailing yacht, partying under the stars and strengthening our team spirit.

This retreat was not just about work; it was about reconnecting with colleagues in our remote-first culture, reaffirming our shared vision, and making lasting memories. Here’s to an exciting year ahead for PAWAO!