We value strong and productive personal relationships to our partners and clients. We belief in teams, even stronger than in ideas. We belief in the value of (business) innovation and the transformation of the existing to the better. We belief that shareholder value is driven by customer value. We are convinced that sharing knowledge, opportunities and insights will create more value for all stakeholders. We are curious and love to deep dive into new industries or business models.


We have diverse professional backgrounds and expertises, but are united in our motivation to do meaningful work and create a positive impact. We follow a remote-first working approach but love to come together regularly to collaborate face-to-face.


PAWAO is a tribe of innovative experts and investors. We believe in the value of collaboration and love to share opportunities and insights with our network. We respect and trust each other as business people, but first and foremost as human beings.


At PAWAO, we believe in the power of a strong team and network. Our values of respect, collaboration, and open-mindedness guide us towards success. By coming together as a community, we create a positive and productive environment where everyone can thrive.

Our PAWAO team members have professional experience in various industries, such as retail, automotive, FMCG, plant engineering and more. Each one of us brings a different edge to the PAWAO approach. Please reach out to us, if you want to connect.


The Team