Our Services

Investments as a Service

PAWAO provides an exclusive deal flow and manages the pipeline of potential investment targets, including due diligence and administrative support in case of positive investment decisions. Our service offering also includes the management of existing investment portfolios.

Equity Story Drafting & Fundraising

We specifically cater to companies in growth stages. PAWAO supports with drafting the equity story for a teaser, pitch deck or management presentation. We are experienced in fundraising and rely on our first-class network of investors to setup our clients’ processes effectively for success.

M&A Transaction Support

PAWAO advises mergers and acquisitions on the sell- and buy-side. We support with drafting the deal-thesis, conducting the due diligence and creating lists of targets or acquiring parties. We accompany our clients through the whole transaction and also provide post-merger integration expertise.

Strategy Development & Execution

We leverage our experience with venture investments to advise clients to disrupt and transform their business. PAWAO’s consulting services specifically focus on innovation, business development and growth strategy. We additionally add our experience to operationalize & execute the defined strategy.


Our unique advisory approach helps our clients to seize new opportunities, foster innovation, master transformation, and create value for a lasting impact. We work in a systematic way with hands-on advice at eye level based on years of experience as entrepreneurs and in management roles.

PAWAO advises clients of various growth stages, from start-ups to global corporations. We act industry-agnostic, leveraging on our knowledge and insights generated by our venture capital arm. We have delivered mandates in the fields of advertising, sports, renewable energy, digital commerce and tech.


Selected Clients & Partners