Tech platform to program AI chips

RooflineAI provides an industry-defining platform that allows to efficiently deploy any AI model on any disruptive chip hardware. Through this, the greatest barrier for AI adoption will be tackled: the programmability of AI chips.


Freight management for hinterland transports

rouvia provides a digital platform to source and manage hinterland container transports effortlessly, from booking to invoicing. Customers save time and reduce operational costs with automated processes and simplified communication.


Cycling made simple

Buzzbike removes the commitment and upfront cost of bike ownership with a flexible, all-inclusive monthly subscription. Members get their own bike or e-bike, plus theft replacement, on‑demand repairs and even rewards the more they ride.


Transforming manual assembly

Deltia Focuses on optimizing and automating manufacturing and assembly processes using real-time capture and AI-driven material tracking.

Swash Group

Digital commerce for sanitary solutions

Swash Group is one of Europe’s leading digital retailers for bathroom and sanitary products with a vast assortment incl. all relevant name brands and a portfolio of own brands. The group is currently expanding to further international markets.


Monetization Tool For Creators

Zezam is an all-in-one creator store that helps creators express their digital identity by linking to their content in different channels and turning their followers into customers through monetization tools.


Marketing channel and product analytics

Kickbite offers a SaaS solution for digital commerce players that allows for optimization of marketing spend based on revenue, profitability and inventory reach. Kickbite matches marketing data with finance/operations data to improve MROI.

Razor Group

EU’s leading e-commerce brand aggregator

Growth capital, paired with e-commerce expertise takes acquired Amazon merchants to the next level. Razor is a new-age consumer holding with a clear strategic focus on categories, long-term value enhancement and first-class customer satisfaction.


Shop essentials in minutes. 24/7 per day

When life can’t wait, Zapp delivers. From last-minute entertaining, a movie night in with the kids, to missing ingredients or after party drinks – Zapp brings ultra-convenience to life’s ‘need it now’ occasions.  

Blaue Helden

Sustainable cleaning products

The “Blaue Helden” (Blue Heroes) team makes the world cleaner. With their power tabs and water from the tap, their customers can easily make their own cleaning agent at home – more sustainable, plastic and CO2 saving.


Quickly digitize paper based processes

atfinity helps to record end-to-end processes and – with its artificial intelligence core – automatically generates the optimal process. A dynamic wizard guides the users through a self-explaining journey that cuts all unnecessary steps.


Striving for a circular economy

Easily launch, scale and manage your rental business for physical products. circuly creates additional sales potential for customers and at the same time brings sustainability to e-commerce.


Like New, Only Better

Refurbed provides a better alternative to new and used products through a risk-free experience. Their vision is to establish the idea of refurbed across all of Europe and do their part for a more sustainable world.


Experience products authentically

Experify connects you with people in your neighborhood who already own products you consider buying. This way you can get an honest opinion and test a product in real-life.


Institutional Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockdaemon is supporting 55+ cutting edge blockchain networks with world-class blockchain infrastructure. The team powers the blockchain economy with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable node management platform.

Animoca Brands

Building the open metaverse

To deliver digital property rights to the world’s gamers and Internet users, thereby creating a new asset class, play-to-earn economies, and a more equitable digital framework contributing to the building of the open metaverse.


Creative content production for brands

Beazy produces the photos and videos your business needs. Beazy handles all the boring stuff and lets you focus on what matters. From small single-person shoots to global productions. Content production has never been easier


Haute Horlogerie meets Tech

MONTREDO is the digital home for the next generation of watch lovers. Since its founding in 2012, Montredo has been reviewing watches, reporting news and giving the community the opportunity to buy the world’s best watches online.


Sales engine for indy professionals

It is Along´s mission to help independent professionals (creators, influencers, digital nomads, high-skilled freelancers, and digital agencies / startups) improve their activities with a specific focus on buyer agreements and client relationships.

PAWAO provides curated deal flow, professional investment structures, due diligence, and class-A sector expertise through our high-profile network. Contrary to a fund, we invest deal by deal. We focus on angel and early stage as well as a selected range of later stage investments.

We follow a people-first approach with a strong focus on ethics to drive high-impact results for our investment community and support the companies we invest in with our expertise and network to develop their trajectory for success.

PAWAO is a tribe of innovative experts and investors. All network members get the opportunity to jointly invest as a group of co-investors. Investors decide independently if they want to join a specific deal.


Investor Network