»Impossible is a liar«

Jacob Fatih


Jacob Fatih, born in Tehran in 1975, is CEO of Crealize GmbH, which he founded together with David Ewald in Essen in 2015 to provide young founders with a structured path to entrepreneurship.

He establishes several brands as market leaders in their industry: started in 2006 as a digital platform for extreme athletes under the name, YT Industries emerges from this and becomes one of the most successful brands in professional mountain biking worldwide. In 2009, he puts his vision of making fitness accessible to the general public into practice by opening the first FitX studio in Essen. In the following ten years, FitX becomes one of the most successful fitness companies in Europe under his leadership.

In addition, Jacob Fatih has built up a broad portfolio of real estate, lifestyle and fitness companies such as FC Real estate, Wellnest, Mr Chain, and many more with “Crealize”.