About Us

»Life is too short to do business with people that are not respectful and enjoyable human beings.«

Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal

Head of Brand / Co-Founder

Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal is an independent creative with an entrepreneurial spirit placing particular emphasis on diversity, equity and social justice.

His areas of expertise range from brand consultancy and media design to the development of strategic communication concepts for company and community building.

After working for numerous multi-national organisations and clients in Germany, India, Malaysia, Egypt and Switzerland, today he is based back in his hometown Köln running Masala Movement – an online and offline platform for transcultural creativity, empowering underrepresented creatives at the intersection of art, culture and technology.

As one of the PAWAO co-founders, Manoj is happy to nurture and expand his international network of great people and ventures through collaborative work and investments.