PAWAO Strategy Retreat 2023

The PAWAO team recently gathered for a three-day strategy retreat on the picturesque island of Mallorca. This retreat was a perfect blend of productive strategy sessions and enjoyable team activities, setting the stage for our company’s future direction.

Our days were filled with insightful discussions, where we delved deep into our strategic goals and initiatives for the upcoming year. The beautiful surroundings of Mallorca provided an inspiring backdrop for these important conversations. Besides work, we enjoyed the time spent with our colleagues.

One afternoon was spent soaking up the sun at a beach club by the sea, where we relaxed and recharged. The highlight of the retreat was undoubtedly the night we spent on a sailing yacht, partying under the stars and strengthening our team spirit.

This retreat was not just about work; it was about reconnecting with colleagues in our remote-first culture, reaffirming our shared vision, and making lasting memories. Here’s to an exciting year ahead for PAWAO!