PAWAO goes Bits & Pretzels

In September 2023, our Chairman Hans-Jörg Dohrmann and our MD Maren Frey represented PAWAO at the Bits & Pretzels event. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with promising startups and fellow investors, immersing ourselves in the vibrant German venture ecosystem.

One of the most inspiring moments was Michelle Obama’s speech, which left a profound impact on all attendees. Her insights on leadership and resilience were both motivating and thought-provoking.

The third day added a unique twist as we celebrated Oktoberfest, enjoying the event in a more personal and relaxed setting. This festive atmosphere allowed for deeper connections and meaningful conversations over pretzels and beer.

While Bits & Pretzels was a remarkable experience, we found the more intimate atmosphere of events like the START Summit in St. Gallen to be more conducive to networking. Nevertheless, we look forward to leveraging our insights and network additions in our future endeavors.