PAWAO invests into Kickbite

We proudly announce PAWAO’s investment in Kickbite, a B2B SaaS solution that enables more intelligent marketing spend. Kickbite is the latest of our portfolio companies in the field of RetailTech disrupting marketing processes in digital commerce.

The Kickbite team has recognized that marketing teams oftentimes chase after the “wrong goals” (optimizing sales only), but neglect return rates, discounts, handling, shipping costs, COGS, stock reach, etc. Thus, they have developed a solution to optimize MROI through a more holistic approach.

The Kickbite SaaS allows for profit-based marketing by matching marketing with financial and operations data to build “ROCE-marketing”. It also includes tracking of the whole customer journey and a respective attribution model based on these touchpoints.

The Berlin-based company has been founded by Juan Garzon (co-founder and CEO) and Vince Wagenknecht (co-founder and CCO) in 2020. Its typical target clients are SMEs in various industries, including some well-known brands like Ankerkraut and Joolz.